Junkyard Dog — Silver Lake’s newest plant-based restaurant — opens today, October 7. The restaurant hails from the creator of Real Food Daily, one of Southern California’s most innovative and longest-standing vegan restaurants.

Owner Adaline Hobbs took over the shuttered Ma’am Sir and now offers a daily all-day menu starting at 8 a.m. Junkyard Dog starts early with breakfast scrambles, bowls, and salads, then moves into pizzas, mozzarella sticks, and more in the later hours. For those familiar with the former restaurant space, it’s a full transformation and a bit more casual with televisions, punk music, and pop art. And that iconic Elliott Smith mural on the building? It’s still there.

A bar and dining area for Junkyard Dog restaurant in Silver Lake, California.The dining area and bar at Junkyard Dog.

Junkyard Dog

106 Seafood Underground closes

L.A. Taco sadly reports that Inglewood’s 106 Seafood Underground is closed “until further notice.” The backyard mariscos restaurant became very popular and likely received extra attention after a September review by Bill Addison from the Los Angeles Times.

Madame Wu’s legacy of longevity and innovation

The New York Times published a thoughtful piece chronicling Sylvia Wu, owner of Madame Wu’s Garden. Wu operated the transformative Santa Monica restaurant for 40 years and died last month at the age of 106.

Kevin Hart’s plant-based venture opening in Monrovia

Hart House — Kevin Hart’s new vegan fast food joint — will open a second location in Monrovia in November. Hart took on a fast-track expansion plan to open 10 locations over the next year.

Nerano’s upstairs, old-school Italian joint reopens

BGNerano’s old-school-Esque second-floor restaurant — reopens for dining in Beverly Hills today. Owners Andy Brandon-Gordon and Carlo Brandon-Gordon created BG as a nod to old-school Italian-American restaurants from the mid-20th century, complete with dark lighting, table lights, and a casual atmosphere. It’s open every Friday and Saturday from 5 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.

BG restaurant with dark lighting, dark tables and chairs.

BG restaurant.

More non-alcoholic options abound

Southern California will have another retailer bringing more non-alcoholic beverages to the region when NY-based Boisson opens in Beverly Hills by the end of October. The business opened locations in Studio City and Brentwood this summer and offers 125 alcohol-free options. Boisson’s opening is a glimpse into this booming industry. Earlier this summer, the New Bar debuted in Venice, and Silver Lake’s Soft Spirits opened in 2021.

A storefront for Boisson Beverly Hills, with bottles of non-alcoholic booze.

The storefront of Boisson in Beverly Hills.

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