Two Fort Worth restaurants received over 30 health violations, another two were temporarily shut down for serious violations and five were cited for having black organic matter inside their ice machines during the city’s health inspections from Feb. 20 through Feb. 26.

Out of 54 inspections, High Top Grub and Pub, located at 609 S Jennings Ave., and Pizza Way – Italy Express, located at 1902 Green Oaks Road, had to close because they didn’t have hot water.

Tortilleria Super Sabrosa No. 3, located at 1175 E. Seminary Drive, and Chalios, located at 308 E. Seminary Drive, both were cited for over 30 health violations, requiring both establishments to fix the worst problems immediately and follow up with the rest of the issues within 48 hours.

Tortilleria Super Sabrosa No. 3 scored a 34, and Chalios scored a 30 on a demerit system scale. Tortilleria Super Sabrosa was cited for excessive food residue inside its microwave, two pans of beef at 102 degrees and 77 degrees that had been out since 8 a.m. and improper hand washing from employees. Chalios was cited for improper temperatures for storing food, expired meats and inadequate water supply at its hand-washing sink.

The two Mexican food establishments were joined by Sushi Axiom, located at 4625 Donnelly Ave., with a score of 29; El Rincon Jarocho, 901 W. Seminary Drive, with a score of 28; Chili’s Grill & Bar, 5288 S. Hulen St.., with a score of 27; Jet’s Pizza, 4621 W. Bailey Boswell Road, with a score of 26; and Pan Asia Cuisine, 5913 Donnelly Ave., with a score of 25, for the worst scored restaurants and highest number of violations.

Tortilleria Super Sabrosa No. 3, Sushi Axiom, Pan Asia Cuisine, Piola Italian Restaurant, at 3700 Mattison Ave., and Tinies, at 113 S Main St., were all cited for the presence of black organic matter inside their ice machines.

Don Juanitos Mexican Food, located at 1950 Hemphill St., had a follow-up inspection after scoring 30 demerits on Feb. 11. Upon its follow-up, the restaurant improved and scored 9.

Here are the inspection scores and violations for restaurants within the city limits of Fort Worth for Feb. 20th – Feb. 26th, 2022. Scores are based on a demerit system. When the total exceeds 30, the restaurant must take immediate corrective action on all identified critical violations, then has 48 hours to initiate corrective action on all other violations. To search the restaurant inspections, type in a keyword or restaurant name. You can also sort by score.

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